Fun with waves

Now that I have more or less successfully completed my chemistry exam, I can devote myself to my private research again. The fact that I am not yet completely free from physical chemistry (which is quite interesting after all) can be seen in my last experiment.

I wanted to work with the representation of periodic functions. The picture is painted pixel by pixel by a small Java code. The concentric circles are superimposed sine functions with different frequencies and each shifted on the X-axis. What caused me most problems, however, was that the arc only maps sine to [-pi/2;+pi/2]. How could I have known ^^. This is why the colors took me a little longer :-).

Anyway… I guess I’ll turn back to fluids now - this time based on Mark Carlson’s dissertation “Rigid, Melting, and Flowing Fluid”. In contrast to the standard paper “Realistic Animation of Liquids” by Foster et al, the numerical boundary and stability conditions are described in detail here. Last time I had to guess that part.


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