Say Say Say!

Once again a post in the category “Misc - and yet mainly computer science”.

You can never put enough projects on ice out of the blue and start new ones at the same time. So it happened a few days ago that I asked good old Roger what one could build. “Make a Chip-8 emulator!”

At first I was a bit sceptical about the idea - too simply 😉 too little, already exists. Out of sheer boredom, which already threatened to tip over into desperation, I had started with it. With Python. And with Pygame.

The actual code is ugly, badly commented (17 mini-comments for ~300 lines of code), badly hacked together, incomplete and very slow at large pixel sizes.

So the best premises to release this thing into the world.

Programs can be found on the net (e.g. here). If something doesn’t work, then it’s probably because not all op codes are implemented yet. The emulator then aborts and writes the missing code to stdout. So if you want to do fix things up, look it up on Wikipedia and/or here.


Alexander Gitter
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