Litter, Shadow, Heads and Sound

I’d say this looks quite Theme-Hospital-like doesn’t it?

The few things that were done since the last post:

  • figured out how shadows and litter is represented in a savegame
  • I worked out how the animation layers are stored; this is why the people have heads and different clothes on the new screenshot
  • soundfiles; yeah right! I messed with the sound files format and I now know how this works… well at least to a large extent

And as always I also updated the wiki and implemented the new stuff in my TH Viewer. Get the latest version here.


With the last bits waiting to be uncovered comes the time to think about the next steps.

Finish the savegame format

The next coupe of days/weeks are still mainly for finishing up the reverse engineering and getting the wiki in the right shape. Savegames are crucial in getting a feeling for “how Theme Hospital does stuff” without having to go through many painful debugging sessions. So that is something I’d like to get done.

Finish other reverse engineering

Not too much left and not really that importent – unless of course we want a clone that is fully compatible with the original game.

Toolchain evaluation

I will probably stick with java for a programming language, however I’m still not quite sure what graphics/media libraries to use. SDL may be a good choice but I also consider choosing a LWJGL based engine.

Spread the word

I already received an email from Ted Tycoon recently, who expressed his interest in the project. I would also like to see what other people have to say and if there are more players and developers interested.


Alexander Gitter
contact at agitter net