On the Theme Hospital project

There’s a new comment on one of the theme hospital posts.

Just wondering. Is this project still going on? Hospital could do with an open source (enhanced) version.

I know some people are busy on it at http://www.rounddonut.co.uk/ but this project is going very very slow.


Now here is my answer:

Unfortunaltely I haven’t had much time for this lately. But indeed, there was some progress just a week ago – I made a few additions and cleanup-work in the wiki and also worked a bit on the viewer-program. When there was some good progress about a year ago, I initially expected other interested people would build upon my findigs. This has not been the case yet. Well…. I think there will be more stuff going on, but it may take some time – at least for the reverse engineering, as I kinda ditched the open-source-clone thing for now.

The latest THViewer brings improvements in file-handling and a completely Java based RNC decompressor. If you’re interested in the sourcecode, you can get it from GitHub:

git clone https://github.com/alexandergitter/THViewer.git


Alexander Gitter
contact at agitter net